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Behaviour consultations

If your pet’s problematic behaviours are more complex than needing to learn the basics, book in for a detailed assessment and we’ll help you get to the root of the problem.

Dr Roger Mugford and his team have been resolving behaviour problems in pets for over 40 years. This wealth of experience, along with sound scientific knowledge, ensures that you and your pet are in safe hands when faced with problematic behaviour.

While dog training classes are a great starting point in teaching your pet good manners, they’re not the place to deal with more complex behaviours. For these, a detailed assessment of the underlying cause of the problem needs to be carried out so that appropriate treatment can be advised. Many behaviour problems are due to a misunderstanding between dog and owner, lack of appropriate socialisation/habituation or even physical problems which may not be apparent at first glance. For this reason, we only take veterinary-referred cases.

If you are a veterinary surgeon wishing to refer a case to us, please forward the pet's history to us ( which includes an entry for the reason for the referral, your client's contact details and we will contact them to arrange an appointment.

What kind of behaviours require a consultation?

Aggression towards people Aggression towards other dogs Fearful behaviour Separation problems Destructive behaviour Coprophagia (faeces-eating) Noise phobias Inappropriate soiling Livestock chasing

If you need help, please give our friendly Pet Centre team a call and they’ll be happy to advise or simply complete the enquiry form below and we’ll contact you.

How does a behaviour consultation work?

Step 1

All of our behaviour consultations start with a referral from your veterinary surgeon. This is an important first step to ensure any possible underlying clinical causes are explored before behavioural therapy starts.

Step 2

Following your referral, an appointment can be made for a consultation with one of our behaviour specialists, either at the Centre, your home, or via virtual platforms such as Skype, depending on which is most appropriate.

Step 3

Once your consultation has been booked, you will receive confirmation of your appointment by email. You’ll then be required to complete a history form, providing us with details of your pet’s lifestyle and information on the problem you would like us to assist with.

Step 4

Your consultation will last approximately two hours, during which time your pet will be thoroughly assessed, and an appropriate behaviour reform programme recommended. We encourage all members of the family to attend where possible along with any other pets if relevant. Appointments are available weekdays only.

Step 5

Following your appointment, if requested by you, a report reiterating these recommendations will be sent to both you and your referring veterinary surgeon, ensuring that everyone is clear about the advice that’s been given.

Step 6

Further support is provided by telephone and email (at no additional charge if it relates to the original issue/s we saw you regarding) or follow up appointments (chargeable) can be arranged if necessary.

How much will a consultation cost?

The cost for behaviour consultations vary depending on the severity of the problem. But help is never denied to those in need. Many pet insurance companies will cover these costs, so remember to check your insurance policy. Our counsellors are members of the CFBA - Canine and Feline Behaviour Association.

Dog Behaviour Consultation at the Centre

Any age POA Typically 2 hours

Behaviour consultations at the Centre have the benefit of providing an environment where your dog’s behaviour can be assessed using controlled situation management.

Dog or Cat Behaviour Consultation at Home

Any age POA Typically 2 hours

By coming to your home, our behaviourists can get a unique glimpse into your pet’s life daily habitat and recommend ways of managing problematic behaviour.

Virtual Behaviour Consultation for dog or cat

Any age £120.00 1 hour

In some instances we can offer advice without meeting you and your pet in person. So even if you live too far away from our Centre for us to meet you, we can still offer help. This can be particularly helpful for issues such as cats who toilet indoors or dogs with separation issues.

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