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Fun & tricks

Fetch & Reward

Teach your dog to fetch using the Coachi Fetch & Reward toy. This fetch toy adds some excitement to your dog's retrieval training, making it interactive, rewarding and simple. Using a fetch dog toy is great for motivating play and perfect for encouraging and practicing recalls.


Hidden treats

Simply add your dog's favourite treats to the zipped compartment, to encourage him to fetch and retrieve, but remember, he only gets the treats when he brings the toy back to you!


Teaching fetch

The Coachi Fetch & Reward is brilliant for teaching new dogs how to fetch and retrieve, it's simple to use and great for motivating your dog.


Long distance throwing

The additional rope, makes it easier to throw and helps achieve extra long distance, great for practicing those long distance retrieves!


Scent work

The Coachi Fetch & Reward is also great for scent work games. Scent games allow dogs to channel their love of sniffing and help to keep them mentally stimulated.

Coachi is dedicated to all puppy and dog training, explore the range to see how we can help.

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