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Waterproof training line and packaging Waterproof training line and packaging Waterproof training line


Waterproof Training Line

This Coachi Waterproof long training lead is great for safe training in all weathers. Using a waterproof long line stops your dog from dragging along a wet heavy lead when it's been raining or in muddy conditions. It also keeps your hands cleaner and can be washed more easily. This longer length 10m dog lead will allow you to give your dog more freedom whilst keeping control in new situations, we recommend long training leads for puppies, newly acquired and nervous dogs.

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Recall training

An essential accessory, a long training line allows you to safely practice your recall when out in open spaces.


Dog & puppy socialisation

The perfect training accessory for outings in a public place, the long training lead allows safe and controlled socialisation for puppies, newly acquired or nervous and aggressive dogs.



The long training lead outer keeps the line dry so it's easy to manage and grip in all weathers. The non-absorbent material also means that it won't get wet and heavy.


Easy to clean

The Coachi Waterproof Training Line is super easy to clean and can just be rinsed off! The attractive, two-tone 10m dog lead is typically suited to larger puppies and dogs.


No, the Coachi training lines do not have a handle. A handle at the end of the line, could easily be caught on something or get snagged whilst the line is trailing free, so the Coachi line is smooth to ensure that does not happen.

Coachi is dedicated to all puppy and dog training, explore the range to see how we can help.

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