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Pet Head Grooming Parlour

Welcome to the world's first Pet Head Grooming facility at the Pet Centre.

To book an appointment or for more information please contact us on ‍01932 574333 or click the link below

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We offer a wide range of treatments and luxury extras to ensure your pooch looks their best!

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Hello, I’m Phoebe, an enthusiastic and hardworking dog groomer with over three years of experience. Skilled in grooming dogs, cats, and horses, I thrive in handling difficult and large breeds. My friendly demeanor extends to both clients and their pets, and I take pride in delivering excellent customer service. Not afraid of the messy bits, I happily dive in to ensure every grooming session is a success. With a genuine love for my profession, I am dedicated to continuous development to become the best groomer possible. Let’s create happy tails together!

Dr Mugford’s Pet Centre is long established at Ruxbury Farm, Chertsey, Surrey and this purpose-built pet parlour boasts luxury waiting kennels, professional bath and grooming stations, and a state-of-the-art blow dryer. This addition to the Pet Centre’s service portfolio builds upon this unique and specialist hub devoted to the mental and physical wellbeing of companion animals. To top it all off, the Pet Head product portfolio will be available for purchase and used for all treatments with entire ranges dedicated to preening different coat types and even delicate puppy fur and skin (aged 8 weeks+).


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Ditch the Dirt Dog Shampoo

Sensitive Soul Shampoo

Furtastic Conditioner

Mucky Pup Shampoo

On All Paws Paw Butter Oatmeal

Quick Fix Wipes

Quick Fix Foam

Sensitive Soul Spray