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A dog and a cat together in a field
A dog and a cat together in a field

Slow Feeders

Eat slower. Be healthy. Have fun. Got a greedy dog who eats too fast? Or is your pet in need of some mental stimulation? The Slow Feeders are just what you need to turn mealtimes into a challenging game.

Feeding solutions for a healthier, happier pet

Dogs love to explore and cats love to hunt, so these feeders were specially designed to stimulate pet’s natural behaviour.
Shaped like a tuft of grass, it motivates your pet to find and push food out of the blades of grass, keeping it entertained while eating slower.

a dog and a cat playing happily together on a bed

Slow Feeders products

Catch Interactive Cat Feeder

Green Slow Feeder

Safe and easy to clean

All our feeders are made of phthalate free plastic and can be used with dry or wet food. They are also dishwasher friendly.

Two dogs using the Catch Green Slow Feeder

Green is a feeder that slows down eating time which can reduce the risk of bloat – a potentially fatal disease for any dog.

Green Slow Feeder and Catch Interactive Feeder are both made from polypropylene and are dishwasher safe.

No, many dogs lack mental stimulation which can lead to boredom and unwanted behaviours such as chewing. Green keeps dogs mentally stimulated during feeding time, helping to reduce these behaviours.

Not all cats have free access to outside environments – and even fewer are able to hunt around the neighbourhood. Thus, many cats live a great deal of their life indoor without being able to follow their most basic instincts. Catch is an interactive feeder that stimulates your cat’s instincts and turns your home into an inspiring hunting zone.