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Arm & Hammer

Coconut Dog Teeth Cleaning Kit

The Arm & Hammer Dog Teeth Cleaning Kit is the perfect starter pack for you and your canine friend. The kit contains a full range of dog dental care products including a gentle silicone finger brush, which is ideal for introducing your dog to teeth brushing.

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Clean teeth and freshen breath

This dog teeth cleaning kit contains everything you need; a 360° toothbrush, coconut mint toothpaste and a premium silicone finger brush.


Revolutionary and timesaving

This 360° toothbrush has been cleverly designed to target teeth from all angles, drastically reducing the cleaning time required as it brushes multiple surfaces at once. Your dog will thank you!


Long-lasting and effective

Coconut mint toothpaste delivers a long-lasting and effective clean. Made using a concentrated enzyme formula with baking soda, it neutralises harmful acids and naturally freshens breath.


Perfect for hard-to-reach places

Great for introducing your dog to teeth cleaning, the premium silicone finger brush is made from soft, flexible material which acts as a massager, allowing you to gently brush along the teeth and gum line.

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