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Dog Training Clicker

Dog clicker training is easy, fun and effective! This popular training method uses a dog training clicker as positive reinforcement to pinpoint and reward specific good behaviour.

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Volume Control

The Coachi Multi-Clicker has a patented volume control with 3 settings, allowing you to adjust for nervous and sound sensitive dogs and to cater for those more boisterous canines!


Easy to hold

This dog training clicker has a raised thumb-piece for easy use and an adjustable wrist strap for the perfect fit, so great for children and adults, its even reflective too!


Perfect for puppies

Puppies and dogs love this fun and reward based method of training. Dog Clickers are great for puppies and dogs of all ages, 8 weeks +


Fun to train

Clicker training is great for teaching fun tricks, as well as basic commands, like sit, down and stay.

Coachi is dedicated to all puppy and dog training, explore the range to see how we can help.

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