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a Boxer dog playing happily with a Boomer Ball an Alsatian playing with a Boomer Ball A cockappoo playing with a Boomer Ball All four sizes of Boomer Ball in blue and red Boomer Ball

Boomer Ball

Boomer Ball

Is your dog struggling to release all their energy? Boomer Ball is a virtually indestructible dog ball that was designed to entertain and stimulate your dog by encouraging them to push it with their paws and nose. Because of this we recommend your Boomer Ball to be a size bigger than your dog can carry.

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Virtually indestructible dog ball

Made of super-tough polyethylene, Boomer Ball is hard for any dog to puncture or rip. If you're looking for a virtually indestructible dog ball, this is the perfect choice!


Good for their health

This is a great dog toy for bored pets, as playing with it promotes both physical and mental stimulation.


Great for chase and conquer

Well-suited for high energy dogs who need a tough toy!


The Boomer Ball should be played with only by the nose and paws of your dog. This is not a chew toy and dogs should not use or grind their teeth on the ball. You can play all sorts of games with the ball such as chase on land or even in a shallow paddling pool for the hot summer months!

Your dog needs to have a ball which is large enough that it can't fit in its mouth or pick it up. Check out our size guide for more help.

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