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Happy Beagle walking in park wearing harness
Happy Beagle walking in park wearing harness

Halti™ Walking

Whether you love to take your dog on a healthy morning run, a countryside stroll or a play in the local park, our versatile collars, harnesses and tailored lead options have you covered. Designed in partnership with our dog behaviour experts, Halti walking accessories combine innovative features with comfort, flexibility and safety. Available in four bright colours and made with premium grade fabrics and 3M™ reflective stitching, the Halti range has everything a dog and owner need for happy walks.

We were even named Brand of the Year for Dog Harnesses 2019-2020 (World Branding Awards).



Smart design for easy movement and safety

Easily Adjustable

Easily Adjustable

Flexible fit for all dog shapes and sizes



Soft padding to ensure dog and owner comfort



High visibility with 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective

Halti Walking products

Halti Walking Harness

Halti Retractable Lead

Halti Active Lead

Halti Double Ended Lead

Halti Comfort Collar

Halti Lead

Halti Comfy Harness

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Which product is best for me?

a which product is right for me guide to Halti walking products

Fully adjustable comfort collar has a strong 3-prong buckle, so they’ll be no worries on your walkies. While the soft neoprene padding offers all-day comfort for your dog.

dog wearing a halti walking harness

The Halti Walking range offers 4 lead options. The everyday Lead is safe and comfortable for daily walks with a reinforced trigger clip and soft padded handle. For energetic dogs and owners!, the Active Lead is perfect for running or hiking with a built-in shock absorber to protect from jolting. The Double Ended Lead with 7 multi-use features will see you through any city or countryside adventure. While our Retractable Lead has a full tape lead for safety and easy one touch on/off to help you stay comfortably in control.

dog walking using a Halti walking harness

All our walking range harnesses are shaped for unrestricted movement, perfect for daily dog exercise of any kind. The Walking Harness has 5-points of adjustment make it a secure, comfortable fit for any dog. And the close control handle gives you peace of mind when crossing roads or busy places. The Comfy Harness is ideal for older or sensitive skin dogs, the fleece design is soft and cosy and with easy-use side clips, no leg lifting is required.

A young puppy wearing a purple Halti walking harness

We always recommend attaching a dog lead to a harness rather than to your dog’s collar, to avoid the risk of any pressure on the dog’s neck. Even the calmest dog can unexpectedly pull on the lead and done repeatedly this can cause long term damage to your dog’s neck and windpipe.

Yes all Halti Walking products are suitable for puppies. We recommend using a Halti Walking Harness or Comfy Harness with the Double Ended Lead for early puppy walks.

For running we recommend using a Halti Walking Harness as it provides complete freedom of movement for the dog. Combine with a bungee style lead such as the Halti Active Lead to reduce the risk of any sudden jolts for the owner or their dog.

For hiking again the Halti Walking Harness is ideal as it provides all day comfort for the dog and with the additional control handle provides instant restraint if needed for any reason. The Halti Double Ended Lead is versatile for longer walks with 7 different functions including 3 different lead lengths and quick tie up function.

Yes all Halti Walking products have durable reflective stitching that won’t come off in the wash!

Yes. Wash on a cool wash 30°C, then hang up and leave to dry naturally.

Salt water is corrosive for metal fixtures. If your Halti Walking Harness has been in contact with salt water rinse with fresh water as soon as you can and then hang up and leave to dry naturally.

The first consideration when exercising puppies is the closure of the growth plates; growth plates are soft areas that sit at the ends of the long bones in puppies and young dogs. Until the growth plates close, they are soft and vulnerable to injury. In puppies, this closure is normally completed by approximately 18 months old and until this time, exercise should be carefully monitored. This is important as unlike a sprain, injuries to the growth plate may not heal properly and are likely to be problematic for life! As a rule of thumb puppies should have 5 mins of exercise, per month of age twice daily. For example, a 5 month old puppy can have 2 x 25 minutes.

Adult dogs can have longer walks as long as they are fit and healthy; 45 mins to 2 hours exercise will be sufficient for most adult dogs.

Senior dogs (those over 7 years) may naturally start to exercise less by walking rather than running and playing. It maybe helpful to break up your older dogs exercise into smaller sets so for example 2 x 30 min walks rather than going out for an hour. It is important to remember that dogs will often keep walking and playing regardless so it is up to us to ensure our dogs activity levels are appropriate. Look out for signs that your dog is struggling with the level of exercise you are giving him, these may include;
• Excessive panting during or after exertion
• Extreme thirst
• Lagging behind when they are normally in front raring to go
• Any limping or a reluctance to walk or continuing to walk
• Appearing to be overtired after walks or sleeping more than normal