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puppy training lead puppy training lead puppy training lead


Training Lead

A great solution to help teach a puppy or newly acquired dog how to behave at home. The Puppy Training Lead is a useful aid to help simplify training and interrupt unwanted behaviour in a positive way.


Simple approach

The Coachi Puppy Training Lead allows you to interrupt your puppies unwanted behaviour without the need for confrontation and then redirect them towards more positive activities and reward accordingly.


Jumping up

Simply use the line to help maintain control in exciting situations. Use the puppy training lead to prevent jumping up and then reward for appropriate behaviour such as sit.


House manners

Designed to interrupt behaviours such as stealing or sitting on furniture, simply use the line to direct away from unwanted places.



This lightweight training line is designed to be used at home, it features a 'smooth end' to ensure the line does not become tangled or hooked onto furniture.

Coachi is dedicated to all puppy and dog training, explore the range to see how we can help.

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