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Woman wearing a fedora looking lovingly at her shepherd dog
Woman wearing a fedora looking lovingly at her shepherd dog

Pet Corrector®

Training dogs can be a daunting task, but teaching your dog good house manners doesn’t have to be difficult. The Pet Corrector spray range is here to help make training at home super simple.

This cruelty-free way to ‘correct’ unwanted habits is just compressed air in a bottle, which combined with a specially designed nozzle, can produce a short, sharp sound to attract your dog’s attention, helping us to retrain and reward them.

Our dog correction sprays have been designed by Dr Roger Mugford and our team of animal behaviour experts to ensure they’re easy to use, effective and completely safe. Ranging from various sizes, starting from 30 ml to our largest 200 ml Pet Corrector spray.

Pet Corrector helps put a stop to unwanted behaviour

Pet Corrector® products

Pet Corrector

79% of owners have a dog that misbehaves (even just a little)

Our easy-to-use Pet Corrector cans are complemented by the W.A.G. training technique to help you interrupt bad behaviour safely and effectively.

W.A.G icons (Witness, Act, Give)
A balanced philosophy

At Company of Animals, we believe that training should always be approached from a balanced perspective. While we are strong promoters of positive training methods, we understand that there are times when behaviour can be dangerous or require immediate intervention. Dog training sprays like Pet Corrector offer an effective way to disrupt specific bad behaviours quickly, allowing owners to teach their pets the right response and follow up with a positive reward.

lady cuddling her older golden retriever
From insight to testing

As the leading animal behaviour experts, Company of Animals use their extensive experience and continuing research to develop products that support a healthy relationship between dog and owner. All of our pet control spray products are fully tested to ensure its effectiveness, ease of use and safety.

man hugging dog

What to do if an aggressive dog approaches you

Is Pet Corrector® Spray FAQs

Pet Corrector is cruel-free and fine to use on most dogs. We recommend doing a test to check your dog’s sensitivity. Do this by testing a short one second burst of Pet Corrector at least 3 metres away from your dog. If they show any signs of distress, then discontinue use. Not all training products work for all dogs, but when used on the correct dog, it can be a life changer.

That’s it! Pet Corrector is just compressed air in a bottle. With a specially designed nozzle, the compressed air produces a short, sharp sound that mimics the natural warning sounds of cats, or snakes. Dogs instinctively react to this noise, helping us to retrain and reward them.