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Wide Fit Muzzle

The Baskerville Wide Fit Muzzle is a unique basket muzzle design that ensures a dog's welfare by allowing them to do all the things that help make dogs, dogs! This includes panting, drinking and playing. This brachycephalic muzzle is specially designed for broad or short nosed dogs to provide a secure and comfortable fit for daily walks and other requirements. The design is strong yet lightweight and with its padded nose piece, broad or flat nosed dogs can be comfortable in all situations.

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Versatile use

If you’re looking to keep your dog safe and reduce the risk in situations like vet visits, groomers and walks in the park, this tough but lightweight plastic brachycephalic muzzle is strong and secure.


Pant and drink

Humanely designed to allow your dog to pant and drink at all times.


Optimal fit

Available in two sizes to suit a variety of broad nosed dog breeds including Staffies, Boxers and Rottweilers.


Comfort design

Specially designed as a flat faced dog muzzle for medium and larger size pets, this muzzle is lightweight with cushioned nose padding to ensure a comfortable fit at all times.


Please use the sizing guide on this product page to determine which sizing category your dog falls into. If your dog's nose length and circumference fall into different sizing categories, please use the nose length measurement to determine the best size.

Please refer to the information section on this page showing examples of correct and incorrect fit for the Ultra Muzzle on some typical dog breeds. If you are still unsure, you can visit our Youtube or Social Media channels for more information and advice.

It's important to remember that for your dog having a new training aid on their head / face will feel unusual for your dog and it is perfectly normal reaction for them to try and remove it. We encourage you to help your dog acclimatise to the muzzle by using positive associations methods. This can be through using treats to encourage your dog to place their nose into the muzzle and placing the muzzle on the dog for a few seconds, then taking the muzzle off and rewarding immediately. Build up the length of time the muzzle is on slowly, so your dog has time to adjust. You can find more information on how to do this with our 'how-to' video on this page. If your dog is trying to take the muzzle off, try to distract them with a treat or their favourite toy to stop this behaviour. In the early days of acclimatising your dog we strongly recommend you use the collar loop and the headstrap for increased security and stability and minimise muzzle movement if your dog tries to remove it.

Due to the Baskerville basket style design, our muzzles can be worn for longer periods e.g. for daily dog walks, as the dog can pant and drink at all times with the muzzle on. However, even with Baskerville muzzles we do not recommend leaving these on your dog for extended periods of time unless absolutely necessary e.g. your dog is aggressive even at home. We recommend, as with all our products, to fully supervise your dog while they are wearing the muzzle from both a safety and welfare perspective. In the early days of muzzle training this will also ensure your dog does not remove the muzzle and potentially chew the product.

Its normal to have conflicting feelings when you choose to fit your dog with a muzzle for safety reasons. Click through to our helpful blog below as a reminder you are a caring and responsible dog owner when using a muzzle!

Read our muzzle mantras

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