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Halti No Pull Range

Are you looking for ways to stop your dog pulling on the lead? Dogs pulling on the leash is a very common problem. Globally, it’s the 2nd biggest issue for dog owners. But there is a solution!

Dr Roger and the team at Halti have been creating the innovative and patented headcollars, no pull dog harnesses and leads for over 40 years to help with your dog walking training. Our award-winning no pull products blend smart design with comfort and safety, to bring the enjoyment back to your dog walk.


Dog Friendly

Kind and humane training solutions



Innovative designs for quick results

Easily Adjustable

Easily Adjustable

Flexible range for different breeds of dog



Soft padding for dog comfort at all times

Halti Dog Walking Training Range

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Halti Optifit Headcollar

Halti Front Control Harness

Halti No Pull Harness

Halti Headcollar

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Flow diagram showing whether you need a Halti head collar or a harness
Stop your dog from pulling on the lead with Halti

Owners have fallen back in love with dog walks thanks to Halti.
Our latest range includes the 5th generation of Halti Headcollar and a new No Pull Harness. When combined with our Halti Training Lead, our no-pull products provide unbelievable results with even the strongest pullers! You’ll be able to stop your dog pulling on the lead in no time.
With the No Pull Harness,  97% of dog owners said they ‘saw immediate results with their dog not pulling’.

93% of dog owners said the ‘Halti Headcollar fitted perfectly and made walking my dog much easier’.

Based on consumer product testing with over 70 dog owners in 2018.

World branding awards
No Pull Harnesses

There are two Halti harness that will help stop your dog pulling. The No Pull Harness is a versatile harness with two no pull features that can be combined if needed. The padded chest design keeps your dog comfortable while providing more stability and control. Our Front Control Harness is perfect for medium to large dogs, offering control using a front steering action. The padded side straps provide comfort and peace of mind that both you and your dog will enjoy walks together.

A Golden Retriever being walked through a field wearing a Halti No Pull Harness
No Pull Dog Headcollars

Halti created the world’s first no pull dog headcollar, and 35 years on our latest range still delivers incredible results. Choose between two designs to find the perfect fit for your dog. Our latest design of Halti Headcollar is both strong and lightweight with a responsive no pull function. It also features a fully padded comfort noseband with no metalwork on the dog’s face. The Optifit Headcollar is a fully adjustable design, perfect for shorter or broad-nosed dogs, and has cushioned noseband for extra comfort. 

a boxer dog being walked through a park using a Halti Optifit Headcollar

Training Lead

Our Halti lead is the perfect addition to your dog walking harnesses and headcollars. The clever double-clip lead offers 3 versatile lengths and 4 different training functions. Its premium soft-hold webbing gives it both strength and comfort for everyday use.  Designed to pair with our Halti headcollars and harnesses, this lead makes no pull dog walking training even easier and providing extra control with even the most energetic dogs. 

We have a number of no-pulling training aids that work in slightly different ways to prevent pulling on the lead. What product is best is largely dependent on how strong a puller your dog is and what works best for you and your dog training together. Please see the ‘Which product for me?’ guide on this Halti brand page.

If you have a puppy pulling on a leash, our Halti Training range can help! We recommend that walking-on-the-lead training is only done for a short period each day, and within the overall scope of your puppy’s recommended daily exercise allowance. It is important to note that lead walk training should only be a part of your puppy’s daily exercise which should also include a wide range of activities to aid mental stimulation and early socialisation. A common guideline for estimating a daily exercise level for your puppy is 5 minutes of exercise per month of age, twice a day. So for example, a 5-month-old puppy could have 2 x 25-minute walks daily. However, you should consult with your vet on the appropriate number of minutes per day as a puppy’s breed and development stage will also play a role in the overall exercise time.

If you are really struggling to manage with a puppy pulling on the lead we would recommend speaking with a vet recommended dog trainer or behaviourist to get some advice on how best to train your young dog not to pull.

If you live near to our Pet Centre we offer both puppy classes and 1-2-1 sessions. For more information, please head over to the Pet Centre contact page.

We do not recommend using the Halti Headcollar, Optifit Headcollar, Front Control Harness or Halti No Pull Harness on dogs below the age of 9 months old. For dogs younger than this we recommend the Halti Walking Harness combined with a Halti Training Lead or Halti Walking Double Ended Lead. Halti Training Leads can be used for dogs of any age.

It is important with all training to be patient and consistent. As soon as your dog starts to pull, come to a halt. Only move forward again when the lead is slack. Reward success early on, by regularly treating your dog when they not pulling on the lead as this will encourage nice walking. For an extra helping hand we recommend using the a Halti Training Lead with your Halti Headcollar or Harness so that you have more control when walking your dog.