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Four differenct colours of the Halti Retractable Lead Close up of the one touch button on the Halti Retractable Lead Close up of the gel handle on the Halti Retractable Lead Unique selling points for Halti Retractable Lead Packaging for the Halti Retractable Lead Halti Retractable Lead A dog being walked using the halti Retractable Lead

Halti Walking

Halti Retractable Dog Lead

The Halti Retractable Dog Lead gives your dog the freedom to explore, while keeping you in control. With its ergonomically designed handle and simple one-click lock to adjust the lead length; dog walking is much easier and more enjoyable. Bringing together style and functionality, this extendable dog lead comes in four vibrant colours.

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Flexible and strong

The Halti Retractable Dog Lead is a full tape extendable lead, made for strength and safety, which comes in lengths of up to 5m.


Safety brake and lock

The quick and simple one-click on/off lock lets you adjust your dog’s lead length as you walk. Plus, reflective stitching provides extra visibility in low-light situations.


Comfortable gel handle

Enjoy a comfortable, safe and controlled walk with the Halti Retractable Dog Lead’s ergonomic soft gel grip handle.


Ideal for dogs of all sizes

This extendable dog lead comes in 3 sizes, providing options for dogs of all sizes up to 50kgs.


We always recommend attaching a retractable dog lead to a harness rather than to your dog’s collar, to avoid the risk of any pressure on the dog’s neck. Even the calmest dog can unexpectedly pull on the lead and done repeatedly this can cause long term damage to your dog's neck and windpipe.

Yes all Halti Walking products are suitable for puppies. We recommend using a Halti Walking Harness with any of the leads options. Retractable Leads can be useful for early puppy walks in new places just so your pup stays safe and under control. Retractable Leads can also be useful for teaching basic recall.

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