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Professional dog whistle in packaging Professional dog whistle in packaging Professional dog whistle


Dog Training Whistle

This lightweight professional dog training whistle, allows you to adjust the pitch, to suit your dog's sensitivity or change the tone for different dogs.

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Adjustable pitch

It is easy to change the pitch on this Dog Training Whistle, simply separate the 2 parts of the whistle, rotate the nut to adjust pitch and secure both parts back together.


Recall training

Dog training whistles are great for recall training as they help to standardise commands and are really useful if different people are training or walking the same dog.


Lightweight & compact

Super-light and compact in design, the Professional Dog Training Whistle can easily be slipped in a pocket or treat bag to ensure you always have it to hand.


Adjustable lanyard

The attractive corded lanyard is fully adjustable so you can secure at the desired length and it is reflective too!

Coachi is dedicated to all puppy and dog training, explore the range to see how we can help.

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