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Furtastic Dog Detangling Spray

With our Furtastic Dog Detangling spray, you will effortlessly fix knots and leave fur silky, soft and tangle-free. The Pet Head dog detangler spray for dogs also smells great, leaving your pooch smelling fresh as well as ditching those troublesome knots.

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Amazing fragrances!

Watermelon scented, with a fresh & blend of different fruit notes including melons, strawberry, and peach with just a hint of vanilla to leave your pooch smelling Furtastic!


Only goodness

Our Furtastic knot Dog Detangling Spray is specifically designed for long & curly coats and is packed with shea butter that works as a super moisturiser! Apricot and kalahari melon oil act to moisturise the skin and coat to leave them softer and cuddly!


How to use

Pet Head dog detangling spray should go directly onto fur, brush through all the knots and curly coats and let dry for tangle free results.


Our brand promises

All Pet Head products are free from all nasties - no parabens surfactants or dyes. Gluten & nut free for safety. We are transparent, all our ingredients are fully listed in our packaging. Pet Head is proudly vegan and cruelty free.

What's in our Furtastic Knot Dog Detangler Spray?

Shea Butter

Shea Butter

Super Moisturiser

Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil

Moisturises Coat

Kalahari Melon Oil

Kalahari Melon Oil

Nourishing & Softening

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Softens & Calms Skin


Our Furtastic collection is perfect for dogs with longer and tangly coats. Shea butter intensely moisturizes to help remove stubborn knots, and Apricot and Kalahari melon oil nourishes the skin. Whilst our Watermelon fragrance leaves your dog smelling fresh.

Our Furtastic range contains Shea butter intensely moisturizes to banish stubborn knots, and Apricot and Kalahari melon oil nourish the skin. As well as Aloe Vera extract which nourishes and sooths skin as well as vegetable protein strengthens your pup’s coat.

The Pet Head brand page is where you can find a breakdown of our ingredients for each of our ranges. For full ingredients list please check the back of the product.

The shelf life for our Furtastic Range is 18 months after opening.

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