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Professional Whistle

The Company of Animals Professional Whistle has an adjustable pitch that produces a loud clear sound which travels well in open spaces. It also comes with a metal lanyard and protective cover to keep your whistle clean when it’s not in use.


Adjustable pitch

Find the tone that’s best suited for your dog by adjusting the pitch on your Professional Whistle.


Great for long distances

Producing a sound that travels well in open spaces, the Professional Whistle is great for distance training and recall.


Protective cover

The Professional Whistle comes with a protective cover designed to keep it clean and safe while it’s not in use.


Neck lanyard

For ultimate convenience, the Professional Whistle comes with a metal lanyard, so it’s always there when you need it.


It should be noted that the High Frequency Whistle and Professional Whistle is not completely ‘silent’, but its altering frequency means that the noise ranges in audibility to the human ear. It is not silent so that yourself as the owner can gauge its efficiency and frequency for dog training.