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Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer Fresh Spectrum Coconut Mint Toothpaste For Puppies

The Arm & Hammer Fresh Coconut Mint Toothpaste for puppies is perfect for getting your puppy used to a teeth cleaning regime. Our puppy toothpaste is pleasant to taste, so your pup will enjoy their experience and the minty fragrance will make those kisses all the more enjoyable.


Effectively cleans teeth

The coconut oil formula in this puppy toothpaste lasts longer than most water-based formulas and clings to teeth and gums for a long-lasting and effective clean.


Freshens breath

Infused with coconut oil and baking soda, the Arm and Hammer Mint Toothpaste for puppies helps to restore a good pH balance inside your pet’s mouth, neutralising harmful acids and keeping breath fresh for hours.


Long lasting and effective

This unique puppy toothpaste delivers a long-lasting and effective clean. Made using a concentrated enzyme formula with baking soda, it neutralises harmful acids and naturally freshens breath.


The deepest clean

Baking soda bubbles along the gum line providing a deep clean between your puppy’s teeth, while naturally freshening breath.


Puppy Products have a lower level of active ingredients, just as they do in human dental products.

The puppy products can be used from 8 weeks old. We recommend moving to the adult dog products when the dog is 18-24 months old.