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Arm & Hammer

Arm & Hammer Fresh Spectrum 360° Puppy Toothbrush

Perfect for puppies and small dogs, the Arm & Hammer 360° Puppy Toothbrush is easy to use and a great time-saver. Cleverly designed to clean multiple teeth surfaces at once, you won’t have to spend all day on dental care.


Clean teeth, reduce plaque and remove tartar

A toothbrush and paste will always be the most effective way to clean your puppy’s teeth – use this puppy toothbrush as part of your weekly routine or when corrective cleaning is required.


Revolutionary time saver

For impatient pups and owners, the 360° Puppy Toothbrush lets you drastically reduce cleaning time, as the bristles clean multiple surfaces at once.


Unique design

The innovatively designed head of this puppy toothbrush allows for the cleaning of different size and shape teeth. So, your puppy gets an all-round dental clean.


Easy to hold

The Arm & Hammer 360° Puppy Toothbrush features a soft rubber grip that makes it easy and comfortable to hold.