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Lady training her dog in a park
Lady training her dog in a park

Company of Animals Training

Company of Animals have been creating and designing innovative dog products for over 40 years. Our knowledge and experience can be seen in the incredible designs of our easy walking and training products.

Suitable for everyone

Suitable for everyone



Easy Home Solutions

Easy home solutions


Perfect for puppies

Company of Animals Training products


Treat Bag

Pro Treat Bag


Two Tone Whistle

Professional Whistle

Dog Whistle

High Frequency Whistle

Recall Line

Puppy Training Line

3 in 1 Slip Lead


Canvas Training Dummy

Training Dumbbell

Lightweight Recall Line

Toilet Training Bells

Sounds CD

Target Stick


Designed by experts

Every one of our products was conceived and designed by our behaviour experts at Company of Animals. The unique range features many products to help you get the best out of your dog and make training more of a treat. The products are created, designed and tested at our famous Animal Behaviour Centre, where they undergo extensive development to ensure the best possible result.

A dog wearing a Halti Walking Harness being held by a smiling woman

Discover our many unique training products

A dog using a Company of Animals Recall Line
Dr Roger Mugford

A pioneer of the dog training world, Dr Roger Mugford is involved in all aspects of product development and creation. His years of experience training thousands of dogs has ensured our training range stays extremely functional and easy to use.

Roger Mugford and his dog
Finding the right product

Is your dog not listening? Or perhaps they’re running off? Or even chewing your new shoes? From whistles to clickers, our extensive range covers all your training needs. So, whether you’ve got a puppy or an old dog, we can teach them some new tricks.

A dog being trained in a field
Top training tips

For great training tips and tricks, and to learn how to get the best out of your Company of Animals training products, look out for our helpful Top Tips.

A dog doing tricks wearing the Halti Wearing Harness