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Company of Animals Training Dumbbell for Dogs

Who said dumbbells are just for the gym? The Company of Animals Training Dumbbells are great for play and retrieval training. Made from brightly coloured moulded plastic, these dog dumbbells are tough, durable, and float on water!


They float

Perfect for training on land or in water, our Dog Training Dumbbells are super buoyant and float, making them easy to retrieve.


Highly visible

Made from brightly coloured plastic, these dog dumbbells are easy to spot in a field or wherever you are.


Ideal for everyday play

Super tough and durable, these Dog Training Dumbbells can be used by dogs for training, exercise and play.


The right size for your dog

The Company of Animals Dog Training Dumbbells come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, so you can find the best size for your puppy or dog.


The dumbbell is made from Nylon

Yes! It is also highly visible