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Halti Active Lead

Perfect for active lifestyles, the Halti Active Lead offers great versatility for owners out and about with their dog. This multi-function leash can also be used in a belt style, ideal for running and hands-free control. Plus, it features a super-strong bungee to protect both dog and owner from any sudden jolts.

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Hands-free option

The award-winning Halti Active Lead lets you enjoy running, hiking and daily walkies with your dog, offering the adaptability of a hands-free ‘round the waist’ option.


Comfort shock absorber

Neoprene padding provides a comfortable handle and belt for this running dog leash, with a bungee shock absorber to protect you both from sudden jolts.


Strong and secure

The Halti Active Lead uses a strong 3-point button release clip on the handle/belt, which can also be used to provide a tethering option. For added safety, there is also a close control handle for if things get busy, and a secure reinforced trigger clip.


Stylish colours

This dog running leash comes in black, blue, purple and red colour options. Its two-tone design, made from premium grade nylon webbing, ensures you’re both stylish and comfortable. There are also matching Halti dog collars, harnesses and multi-functional leashes available.


The recommended size of Halti Active Lead for your dog is related to their weight. Please refer to the size information chart on this page which to advise which leash size you should purchase for your dog.

For running we recommend using a Halti Walking Harness as it provides complete freedom of movement for the dog. Combine with a bungee style leash such as the Halti Active Lead to reduce the risk of any sudden jolts for the owner or their dog.

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