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Toilet Training Bells

The Coachi Toilet Training Bells help make toilet training easy, simply train your dog to communicate when they need to go outside. Perfect for all puppies and dogs.


Easy to clean

They help provide a clear, consistent method of communication. Start by rewarding your dog, each time they touch the bells & progress to letting them out for a play & toilet as required.


Stop door scratching

The Coachi Toilet Training Bells help avoid having damaged walls & doors, simply hang the bells on a door handle or hook & your dog can let you know when they need to go out.


Height adjustable

The bells are adjustable in length to cater for all breeds and ages of puppies and dogs. Simple to adjust, we recommend that the bells are positioned at your dogs head height.


Easy to hear

The Coachi Toilet Training Bells, have 3 individual bells, which have a loud and clear ring. They are made of an attractive two-tone padded material and are easy to wipe clean.