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Happy dog secure in car by harness
Happy dog secure in car by harness

Introducing the NEW CarSafe dog car harness range

The new range of CarSafe dog car harnesses is designed to keep your dog safe and secure, while providing all the best qualities of a walking harness, for ease and convenience on any road trip. The range offers two different harnesses styles with the Dog Travel Harness and a newly designed Crash Tested Harness so you can choose exactly the right product for you and your dog. All styles connect directly to your car seat belt system to create a safe dog car seat for your pet.

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Dog Safety

Dog is kept safe and secure when travelling

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Single loop webbing design for strength

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Crash Tested

Range includes a crash tested harness option

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Padded and Breathable

To ensure every road trip is comfortable

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Hi Vis Reflective

Latest reflective fabric technology

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From Car to Walk

On arrival all products convert to a comfy walking harness

CarSafe products

Carsafe Crash Tested Harness

Carsafe Dog Travel Harness

Did you know?

For the safety of the driver and other road users, many countries have legislation in place that requests owners secure their pets while a vehicle is moving. Yet research suggests that around the globe, awareness of these laws is fairly low.  Insurance companies are also starting to take a stronger stance on this. If your unrestrained pet is found to have contributed to a road accident, your insurance claim may be invalidated – and nobody wants that.

Unsecured dogs in cars is a global issue:


See our informative video below on the dangers of not securing your dog when driving!

Which CarSafe Harness is right for me?

which one for me?
Crash Tested Harness

For dog owners looking for extra peace of mind. Certified up to 32kgs / 70lbs, it directly links to the car seat belt system with no extra connection clip required. Featuring a padded and breathable layer on the chest panel for comfortable journeys, combined with high tech fully reflective fabric for extra visibility when needed. Two years in development, this innovative new harness is specially engineered for easy fitting and conversion into a comfortable walking harness for the perfect day trip!

Labrador in car with CarSafe Harness
Dog Travel Harness

For dog owners that want to travel safely together and within the law. Using the unique CarSafe single loop webbing design approach, this car harness for dogs ensure your dog is safely secured in the car while the product remains lightweight and comfortable. With a padded chest piece for stability and comfort, this car safety harness doubles up as a handy walking harness on arrival!

Cockapoo in car with CarSafe Harness

Having your dog secured while you are driving your vehicle is very important for the safety your pet, yourself and other road users.

Many countries around the world have road safety laws regarding drivers not having any distractions whilst driving their vehicle and all for all ‘loads’ within the vehicle (including pets) to be secured. Also car insurance may be invalidated if the driver was found to have been distracted by their pet whilst driving and been involved in a road accident.

For the care and comfort of your pet it is also important they are safely restrained whilst travelling in a car or other vehicle, in the event of an accident.

The dog should be secured on the back seat in a dog car harness or in the boot. Never place your dog on the front seats of the car. If possible, leave your dog’s lead on when travelling in case of emergencies.

Ideally puppies should be transported in a secured travel crate on the back seat, up to 6 months old. However, for bigger breeds once large enough, they can be secured on the back seat in a suitable dog car harness.

It is important for safety reasons to train your dog to only exit the car when given a verbal command, and not to leap out as soon as their car harness is released, or boot door opened. If you can train your furry friend when they are a puppy this is the ideal time. However all dogs can be trained to exit the car safely at any age!