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Bull terrier puppy wearing a Halti Walking Harness Cattle dog puppy wearing a Halti Walking Harness A dog wearing the Halti Walking Harness on a walk Features of the Halti Walking Harness Packaging for the Halti Walking Harness Halti Walking Harness A dog on a walk wearing a Halti Walking Harness

Halti Walking

Halti Walking Harness

Designed to give your dog full freedom of movement, the Halti Walking Harness lets them play, walk, run and explore. With an open shoulder design and size adjustability, this dog walking harness offers a secure, comfortable fit for any size and shape of dog.


Fully adjustable

Suitable for small and large dogs, the Halti Walking Harness has 5 points of adjustment for a comfy fit at all times.


Close control

The close control traffic handle is ideal for road crossing in busy places, or for when instant control is required. Plus, the lead clip rings on the chest and back of the harness provide smart control for more energetic dogs.


Strong and secure

Strong 3-point button release side clips keep our dog Halti Walking Harness secure on your daily walk. And with no leg lifting required it’s easy to fit and remove.


Light up reflective

Made with reflective 3M™ Scotchlite stitching, the Halti Walking Harness provides high visibility in low light or on night-time walks. So, you’ll be seen wherever you go.


The recommended size of the Halti Walking Harness for your dog is determined by their chest measurement. Please refer to the size information chart on this page to confirm which Harness size you should purchase for your dog.

We always recommend attaching a dog lead to a harness rather than to your dog’s collar, to avoid the risk of any pressure on the dog’s neck. Even the calmest dog can unexpectedly pull on the lead and done repeatedly this can cause long term damage to your dog's neck and windpipe.

Any multi-purpose dog harness should be non restrictive in its design. The Halti Walking Harness ensures full range of shoulder movement whether your dog is walking or running thus preventing any long term joint issues for the dog. Our Walking Harness also has 5 points of adjustment so you can get a really tailored comfortable fit for your dog.

Yes all Halti Walking products are suitable for puppies. We recommend using a Halti Walking Harness or Comfy Harness with the Double Ended Lead for early puppy walks.

For running we recommend using a Halti Walking Harness as it provides complete freedom of movement for the dog. Combine with a bungee style lead such as the Halti Active Lead to reduce the risk of any sudden jolts for the owner or their dog.

For hiking again the Halti Walking Harness is ideal as it provides all day comfort for the dog and with the additional control handle provides instant restraint if needed for any reason. The Halti Double Ended Lead is versatile for longer walks with 7 different functions including 3 different lead lengths and quick tie up function.