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Sounds CD

Have you got a sound sensitive pup? The Company of Animals Sounds CD features everyday noises from inside and outside the home, and is a proven technique for the prevention and treatment of sound phobias in puppies and dogs.


A proven technique

The Sounds CD is a proven method of noise desensitisation, great to use with all puppies and noise sensitive dogs.


Lots to choose from

Whatever noises your dog needs to get used to, you’ll find them on the Sounds CD. With four categories to choose from; bangs, transport, household appliances and people, containing over 30 different sounds.


Designed by experts

Using their 40 years of experience working with dogs and their issues, the behaviour experts at Company of Animals understand exactly how to help.


Recommended by vets

Don’t just take our word for it. The Sounds CD is recommended by both vets and animal behaviourists for the prevention and treatment of sound phobias.