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Company of Animals Pro Treat Bag

If you’ve got more than one dog train, or just like to be prepared, the Company of Animals Pro Treat Bag is perfect for you. This larger-sized dog treat bag can hold a significant quantity of treats, plus all your other training tools, making it ideal for dog owners and professional trainers alike.

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Great for rewarding

The generous treat compartment can hold all your dog’s treats and snacks, so it’s quick and easy to reward that perfect recall, or for just for being your furry pal.



With a magnetic-popper closure, your treats won’t fall out or be pinched by your furry friend. There’s also a separate zipped pocket in this large dog treat bag, which is perfect for money or keys.


For all your accessories

There are specially designed pockets and holders for all your training tools, including whistles, clickers and target sticks. This dog treat bag even has somewhere to keep your poo bags too!


Easy to access and attach

This large dog treat bag has a wide opening that makes it easy to get your treats in and out, and there’s a handy attachment for your waistband or belt.

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