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The Company of Animals Handsfree belt provides easy control on the move and is great for use with more than one dog.


Running and activities

Whether you’re running in the park, pushing a pram or just want to keep your hands free for other activities, the Handsfree belt makes it all easier.


Handle multiple dogs

The Handsfree belt has 2 trigger clips for attaching treat bags, training aids or additional long lines, making it perfect for multi-dog houses or professional dog trainers.


Extra secure

One ultra-handy use of the Handsfree belt is as an extra attachment point for large or lively dogs to help you stay in control.


Fully adjustable

The Handsfree belt is designed to be worn around the waist and comes in 2 sizes: Small 67-107cm (26.4-42.1in) and Large – 77-123cm (30.3-48.4in)