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Dog wearing a Halti Headcollar and Training Lead being walked through a park A happy dog out for a walk wearing a Halti Training Lead A schnauzer dog wearing a Halti Training Lead and Front Control Harness Packaging for a Halti Training Lead Halti Training Lead Halti Training Lead on a dog being walked through a park

Halti Training

Halti Training Lead

Control is important for you and your dog. That’s why the Halti Training Lead has 2 trigger clips, for multiple points of connection with other walking accessories like harnesses and headcollars.


Better together

For dogs that pull on their walks, the Halti Training Lead provides extra versatility and control when paired with no pull training products like Halti Headcollars and Harnesses.


Durable and dependable

Made from extremely durable, lightweight and comfort-hold webbing, this strong dog training lead is great for everyday use and perfect for small to medium-sized dogs.


More ways to walk

The Halti Training Lead gives you more flexibility on your walks. It can be used for hands-free walking, walking two dogs on one lead, short-leash control, long-lead training, supervised tethering, and to combine with other Halti products for no pull training.


Fan favourite

The Halti range is favoured by dogs and their humans in more than 50 countries worldwide. And the Halti Training Lead has become a must-have for pet parents and trainers alike.


It important with all training to be patient and consistent. As soon as your dog starts to pull, come to a halt. Only move forward again when the leash is slack. Always treat your dog to a reward when you see your dog not pulling on the lead as this will encourage nice walking. For an extra helping hand we recommend using the Halti Training Lead with your Halti no pull Headcollar or Harness so that you have more control when walking your dog.

The versatile Halti Training Lead can be set to 3 different lengths for relaxed to controlled lead walking. It can also be worn handsfree style which is great for training sessions where you need instant access to other training accessories like clickers and reward treats .