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Founded in 1979, Company of Animals was created as a hub for activity, research and innovation in animal behavior. We develop exciting products that work to resolve behavior and training problems, improve animal welfare and enrich the lives of pets and their families. You can find our products worldwide, stocked in thousands of independent pet shops, high street stores and online retailers. Your pet’s happiness is at the core of everything we do.

Our awards

It’s always nice to be recognised in the industry and by our consumers for what we do. But the animals will always come first!


With over 40 years of experience in canine behaviour, animal science and product development, we continue to forge the way for pet care and training innovation. From our award-winning Halti® head collars and harnesses, to household favourite Pet Head, and our market leading Baskerville Muzzle, we strive to create products that celebrate and support the happy lives of your pets.


We love being with our pets and we love meeting yours. Our farm consultations and classes give us the perfect opportunity to get to know our customers and their day-to-day needs. So, our products can be designed for real people, real animals and real lives – making every day easier and more enjoyable, without compromising your pet’s unique and lovable personality.


We’re sure you’d agree that there’s never a dull moment when animals are around. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping pets and their owners enjoy all aspects of life together – taking inspiration from you and your furry friends to create new and exciting products designed to champion the joy of pet parenthood.


Dr Roger Mugford and our team of experts have nurtured, enhanced and supported the lives of thousands of dogs and their families. It’s our firm belief that all pets and their owners should be able to enjoy the best quality of life together. By creating high-quality training and lifestyle products that deliver real results, we can help ensure that you get the most out of the time with your pet.

Dr. Roger


Dr. Roger Mugford is widely acknowledged as being Britain’s leading animal psychologist, with his methodologies used by veterinary surgeons throughout the UK. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology and Psychology in 1968, Roger embarked on a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Hull in 1973, where he examined aggression in animals. His subsequent studies at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA, saw him begin research on the behaviour of dogs and cats – particularly social and aggressive behaviour. Dr. Roger has since written three books, “Dr. Mugford’s Casebook” (Hutchinson 1991); “Dog Training the Mugford Way” (Hutchinson 1992); and his latest “The Perfect Dog” was published in 2013 by Hamlyn in both North America and the UK.


A Devonshire farmer at heart, Dr Roger personally takes care of a herd of 70 pedigree South Devon cattle, 100 sheep, horses, llamas and more. His farm in Surrey is also home to ‘The Animal Behaviour Centre’, our training facility which helps thousands of dogs graduate from puppy starter courses and with Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme awards.


After a career dedicated to helping animals, Dr Roger has received many prestigious honours including a Lifetime Achievement award from the World Pet Association & PetQuip for his contributions to animal training and behaviour.

TV Personality

Having famously trained the Queen of England’s corgis, Dr Roger has built up an impressive media career of TV appearances, high-profile court case hearings and radio interviews. Not one to sit still for long, he is frequently called upon to share advice and give professional assessments. If you’d like to have Dr Roger Mugford feature on your platform, please contact us at:


Dr Roger is committed in his support for many animal charities. He is also the patron of Dogs for the Disabled and a trustee to Medical Detection Dogs and the Pet Care Trust. This work helps to continue his lifelong interest in the human-animal bond and the enjoyment we get from the company of animals.

If you’re having behavioural issues with your pet, Dr Roger and his team are here to help you find a solution.

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