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House training – pad method

This is a common method of training which involves putting down paper or “puppy pads”. Initially the puppy is restricted to an area which is completely covered with the chosen material so that they cannot fail to hit their target. Gradually the paper is reduced to a small square which can then be moved slowly towards the door and eventually out into the garden.



Frequent outings

This method relies upon you taking puppy out at frequent intervals particularly whenever they wake up, finishes eating, after a lively game or whenever they haven’t emptied for half an hour or more. This method may or may not be used in association with a crate.

Fiona Whelan ~ Pet Behaviourist

Fiona has been working at the Training and Behaviour Centre as a behaviour specialist since 2002, and previously ran her own training and behaviour establishment in Lincolnshire for seven years so has a wealth of experience as a behaviour counsellor.