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Do’s and don’ts for house training

Do praise puppy enthusiastically whenever they get it right.

Do put a command word to ‘performances’ i.e. “Be clean”

Do take puppy out frequently

Do use a houseline or lead to encourage puppy outside rather than carrying them. This way they will eventually learn to take themselves there.

Do use a product to clean up accidents that is specifically designed for the job. Ammonia based products may actually encourage puppy to return to the area again.

Do learn to watch for tell-tale signs that puppy needs to go i.e. sniffing and circling.

Don’t punish puppy for pottying in the house, they are likely to associate the punishment with pottying in your presence, not for their mistake.

Don’t leave puppy in the garden alone and presume they have gone potty, stay and watch.

Don’t expect the puppy to signal that they need to go out.

Don’t expect puppy to go for long periods without pottying, they need to be given a place or opportunity to relieve themselves regularly even at night-time.

Don’t remove puppy’s water at night to prevent peeing, they need constant access to fresh water.

Don’t feed puppy too close to bedtime, it will just make them need to poop approximately an hour later.

Fiona Whelan ~ Pet Behaviourist

Fiona has been working at the Training and Behaviour Centre as a behaviour specialist since 2002, and previously ran her own training and behaviour establishment in Lincolnshire for seven years so has a wealth of experience as a behaviour counsellor.