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The great muzzle puzzle

The idea of putting a muzzle on your dog can be daunting and unsettling. Can my dog still breathe properly, can they drink and pant and lose heat? Are muzzles cruel? Are they painful? Will I be judged by other dog owners? What is the best muzzle for my dog? These are all questions we are asked everyday by dog owners all over the world and we are here to help you.

First things first, if you feel that wearing a muzzle is truly the best option for your dog, we congratulate your responsible approach to dog ownership. Unfortunately, muzzles have an almost exclusive association with “aggressive dogs”. While it is essential that reactive dog owners to use muzzles, there are many other reasons for their use and the subject remains emotionally-charged by many. That said, what you do to keep your dog (and others) safe is ultimately up to you. However, choosing the right kind of muzzle and the implementing the right training is essential to your dog’s happiness, safety, and confidence. Here is the low-down on the main types of muzzles you can get, and which are kindest for your four-legged companion.

Types of muzzles:

The great muzzle puzzle ~