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Multiple cats playing and climbing on MIUT designs
Multiple cats playing and climbing on MIUT designs


MIUT was designed to provide an easy and flexible tool for matching your cat’s needs to your interior. MIUT offers flexibility for adapting, changing, and mixing designs and colours.

The stable, climbable, soft objects give your cat the chance to stay active, expand their territory or hide in cozy niches. MIUT create spaces for perching and for releasing pent-up energy.

Easy to use & maintain

MIUT functional & durable. It is easy to use, flexible and can be adapted and extended to meet NEW needs and living spaces. It´s design gives you the chance to repair and maintain the climbing elements if necessary. The symmetrical triangle modules facilitates flipping over or replacing individual elements. This ensures durability and prolongs the lifecycle of the cat furniture.

stunning bengal cat with green eyes
Designed for disassembling

The design and construction of most cat products do not allow for adequate recycling nor give the user any flexibility or freedom to adapt and repair if necessary. MIUT is different. The functional design enables the user to care for his product and to adapt it to various needs. Our modular system is robust, 100% recyclable and strong enough to withstand claws.

Small Climber

Medium Cat Climber

Large Climber

How to construct MIUT

Small – 56cm x 33cm x 35cm

Medium– 85cm x 50cm x 35cm

Large – 107cm x 45cm x 40cm

MIUT is created from recycled polyester. This is turned into PET felt and heat pressed. This creates a very strong yet durable part.

MIUT is 100% recyclable and can be put into recycling bins.

The felt itself is water and stain resistant. It can be both vacuumed for regular cleaning and even steam cleaned without loosing its strength and stability.

We suggest that only one cat goes in a MIUT at one time, however, each size is capable of withholding 8kg.