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A dog high-fiving its owner
A dog high-fiving its owner


Positive training allows you to build a relationship with your dog that’s based on mutual trust and respect. Dogs that are taught using positive reinforcement methods are not only more tolerant, and self-controlled, but behave more predictably in different situations. 

Coachies Training Rewards are a healthy and delicious way to motivate dogs throughout their education, keeping them engaged and making training easier and more successful.

You can also use a  combination of training accessories alongside Coachies to make a real difference to the learning process.  

Kind on weight

Kind on Weight

No additives

No Additives

Oven Baked

Oven Baked


Vitamins and Minerals

Coachies products

Puppy Training Rewards

Sensitive Training Rewards

Adult Training Rewards

A firm favourite

Coachies have been a favourite amongst dog owners for over 10 years, and the secret is in our tasty recipe.

Our semi-moist treats are oven-baked to lock in nutrition and freshness, with no artificial colours, flavours or added sugar. Plus, at only 2 kcal per treat, these miniature motivators are the healthiest way to train your dog.

A dalmation nibbling a packet of Coachies
For adults, pups and sensitive tums

Coachies Training Rewards come in three delicious varieties: Beef, Lamb and Chicken for adult dogs, Wheat-free Chicken for sensitive tummies, and Chicken for puppies.  All available in packs of 75 g and 200 g.

Three flavours of the Coachies Training Rewards

All of our ingredients are natural apart from our added vitamins and minerals, which are essential to our foods to ensure our complete recipes are nutritionally balanced.

Each Coachies treat is 2 calories.

All our treats are available from 8 weeks old. We also have a specific Puppy Treat which has added yogurt which is good for a puppies young stomach.

Coachies are made in Wales in the UK in a pet specific, human grade factory.

Our Puppy and Sensitive varieties contain only Chicken. Our Adult variety contains Chicken, Beef and Lamb.

We work with specialist pet nutritionists to develop Coachies treats and they have to go through stringent testing before we put them on the shelf.

There is no actual guide to how many treats to feed per day as it depends on the age, size, breed, activity level and health of your dog. However, it is important to ensure that you add your dogs treat intake to his daily overall food allowance to make sure you do not over feed.

You can feed your dog treats at any time. Our reward based treats are perfect for rewarding your dog when he does something good. Whether that be for good behaviour in a training class or he may be a puppy learning to toilet train and he asks to go out to wee – reward him and he will learn. You can just give your dog a treat because you love him.

We suggest that once open a packet of coachies is used within two – three weeks. This ensures that the treats are kept as fresh as possible and that your dog enjoys the delicious flavour. Remember to re-seal or use a clip to keep the pack fresh once opened.

No, you just need to make sure the pack is closed properly once open. They can be stored at room temperature.

Currently our Coachies range all include grain.