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cat climbing wall Tabby cat chewing on MIUT Small MIUT wall climbers


Small Cat Climber

Our Cat Climbing wall comes in a symmetric and an asymmetric version. By combining them and mounting them to the wall, you can create new territory for your cat. Mix them with our other cat climbing toys to design your space!

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Easy to clean

The felt itself is water and stain resistant. It can be both vacuumed for regular cleaning and even steam cleaned without loosing its strength and stability.


Easy to maintain

The symmetrical triangle modules facilitates flipping over or replacing individual elements. This ensures durability and prolongs the lifecycle of these cat climbing toys.


Easy to use

MIUT functional & durable. It is easy to use, flexible and can be adapted and extended to meet NEW needs and living spaces. It´s design gives you the chance to repair and maintain the climbing elements if necessary.


100% recyclable

The modular system is robust, 100% recyclable, predominantly produced from used PET plastic bottles and strong enough to withstand claws.

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