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Puppy Training Treats

Looking for healthy puppy training treats? Coachies puppy treats can be fed from 8 weeks old and are packed with omegas, vitamins and calcium for growth and development. Made with yogurt and chicken, these tasty rewards are ideal for your puppy’s delicate tummy.

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Semi-moist and delicious

Your furry friend will love these semi-moist treats made with tasty chicken and yogurt.


Super nutritious

Treats needn’t be bad for your puppy. That’s why Coachies puppy training treats contain omegas and vitamins for healthy brain development.


For healthy bones

Our yummy puppy training treats also contain calcium, great for growing teeth and bones.


Kind on tummy and weight

Perfect for your puppy’s sensitive tummy and only 2 kcal per treat.


Our puppy variety contains chicken, yogurt, vitamins and minerals amongst other ingredients to make them delicious and perfect for puppy's delicate tummy.

You can feed your puppy treats at any time. Coachies are perfect for rewarding your puppy when he does something good. Whether that be for good behaviour in a training class or when learning to toilet train and he asks to go out to wee. Reward him and he will learn. You can just give your puppy a treat because you love him.

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